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To get started you’re going to need a board, a paddle and a leash. Many boards come complete with a deck pad/grip or to save a few dollars you can used surf board wax. It is also advisable to get some ding repair materials as well, just so you are prepared for any eventuality. Make sure that you get the correct repair material for the construction of your board (i.e. Epoxy repair for epoxy boards, normal resin for glass and resin boards).

First - get the gear!

It’s shopping time! Here’s what you’ll need.

Paddles made of carbon fibre are the most popular because they are nice and light. These are also the most expensive and range in price from around $150 up to $500. Don’t be fooled that a more expensive paddle is necessarily better. Often you may only be paying for the brand name or a high cost distribution channel. Remember that Magooo gear is top quality and with innovative and low cost marketing we keep our prices low!  

Less expensive paddles are usually made with an aluminium shaft and/or plastic blade or a combination of carbon fibre and range from around $90 upwards

If you choose to go with a fixed length paddle, remember the length neesds to be about 30cm taller than you. Sometime you can choose paddle length at time of ordering a paddle or they are easy to cut to size.

We recommend trying gear before you buy! there are loads of boards with varying shape, qualtiy and designs. You really don’t know, until you give one a go! Bundeena Kayaks in Southern Sydney has boards available for hire -

What Stand Up Paddle Board should I get ?

This depends upon your experience, your height/weight and whether you want to flat water paddle, surf or a bit of both. If you are completely new to paddle boarding we recommend getting a board that is at least 11ft long and 31 inches wide. This means the board will be stable and will get along at a decent pace. In general the longer the board, the faster it will be on the water. Shorter boards turn quickly (sometimes too quickly if paddling on flatwater) making them perfect in the surf.

What Paddle should I get ?

The starting point is the size of the paddle. The combined height of the paddle and shaft need to be around 20cm  taller than your height. If you are over 6ft check carefully that the paddle you are going to get meets this criteria, some paddles on the market are going to be too short and it puts alot of strain on your arms and lower back if your paddle is too short as you keep having to bend forward to get a decent paddle stroke.

Cutting your Stand Up Paddle to the Correct Length

When you get your paddle you may need to cut the shaft to the correct length and glue the handle back on. To do this:

Why do I need a leash ?

A leash will stop your board running away and hitting someone else when you fall off. Stand up paddle boards are big things and could seriously injure somebody if they hit them. A leash is an essential. You need to make sure that your leash is about 1ft longer than your board if you are going to do cool stuff like nose riding (otherwise you won't make it to the end of the board !). If you know you are falling off, or if you bail out intentionally because a big wave is coming that you can't make it over, try and grab the leash as close to the board as possible, this means that you control, as much as possible, the board in the surf, preventing it from racing off and potentially hitting someone else. If you are going to surf please avoid the coiled XM leashes. While they are perfect for distance paddling they are dangerous in the surf as they get tangled up, making the leash shorter and the board more likely to fly back and hit you.

Deck grip or Wax ?

If you have the money get deck grip. Some of the deck grips that are on the market now are contoured to help with you paddling posture and are kinder on the feet. If you can't afford deck grip surf wax is a good substitute.

What fin should I get ?

This subject almost deserves a whole website to itself. Fins have a dramatic impact of performance, and it depends on what make and type of board you have to what fin will work best. It also depends on what sort of stand up paddle surfing you are going to do.

A general rule of thumb is if you want to glide on flat water anything from 11- 14 inches will be fine. It will glide nicely and will hold direction well (but will be slightly harder to turn). If you want to surf on your board from 7 to 10 inches is the best size. This is a very general rule as different boards will behave in totally different ways.

Choose your Board

Board Buying Tips

Getting Started
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