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Live it UP with Magoo Paddle Boards Magoo Stand Up Paddle Boards in Sydney

Magoo supplies a range of exceptional quality, funky looking and competitively priced stand up paddle boards and accessories throughout Australia.

Magoo is an Australian-brand, designed by  Australian and international paddle boarding enthusiasts and  expertly shaped by some of the best shapers in the industry. The design, quality and performance of the boards is second to none.

Don’t be fooled by our great prices. Our boards are made using same techniques, materials and even in the same factory as some of the leading brands of boards. The difference is that we use innovative and cost effective market techniques to the keep distribution overheads low and choose to pass the savings on to our lucky customers.

If you are in the market for a board, watch out for inferior products - which are most certainly around! The quality of the board is a combination of the initial design, the standard of raw materials and the manufacturing process. Rest assured that every last Magoo board has been constructed using high grade materials and processes - absolutely no short cuts have been taken.

Unlike less expensive brands Magoo boards have wooden stringers (extra internal supports), High density EPS cores (so boards are strong and don’t feel ‘squishy’ to touch and prone to damage - common with lower quality boards), UV treated epoxy, paint and fabrics to protect against fading and discolouring, extra strengthening on standing areas, rails and around fin box and gore plugs to vent  air caused by changes in temperature (epoxy boards).

We choose to have our boards and some of our accessories made in China, as you will find is the case with many brands of surf and padldle boards. We have personally visited the factory and tried and tested boards from other suppliers and have found the techniques, materials and workmanship for our range to be world class.

With Magoo you can expect the quality and performance of top of the line paddle boards and accessories without the hefty price tag. Our boards offer peak performance, versatility  and they sure have got the look!  Every paddle board in the Magoo range does it all - from cruising to surfing  you can expect top performance. Our boards are stable, light-weight, track superbly and they look amazingly hot out on the water.

So …….get your arms around a Magoo today  and live the dream!

Boards can be test paddled at Bundeena in southern Sydney.

Gorgeous Bikini Girl Stand Up Paddle Boarding Cool Guy Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Bundeena in Sydney