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Here are some tips to keep your board in one piece and live a long and happy life together.

Don’t Cook your Board

You’ve got your new board, you love it! The last thing you are thinking is that it can potentially be a hot air balloon waiting to explode. Yes, your board is really just a big container of air. Heat it up and POP - its all over. The styrofoam in the core of your board is largely air. Even though these boards are designed for the ocean and the beach, they don't like extended exposure to heat.
**You board is not covered under warranty if you overheat it so here are some tips to avoid ruining your board.


Make sure your board is fitted with a Gore Plug
A great feature of the Magoo range of boards is the one way Gore Plug system. Means that you don’t need to fuss around opening and closing a valve to release air. It all happens without you doing a thing. The Gore Plug allows air out when the boards expand, but they don’t let water in. But even if you have a Gore Plug fitted, still best to keep your boards out of the sun. If a board heats up too quickly, sometimes vents cannot cope and the boards are put under stress.

Some paddle boards have vent plugs that need to be released to allow air out when boards get hot and expand. If you have a board with  a manual vent plug, then you need to remember to release the plug if you board in going to be in the sun. Then it’s important to seal them again afterwards, so that your board doesn’t take on water when you head out for a paddle.

Remember that your Board Hates Water!
OK, it loves being on top of the ocean and gliding along waves, but put the smallest crack in it and the board will suck water into the core of your board, increasing its weight and making it quite difficult to repair.

Repairing your Board

Always check your board if you think it has hit something. If there is a crack or ding - suck on it. If you can suck air out of the crack, your board can suck water into its core. If you think your board can take in water, you need to go straight into the beach and seal it. There are 3 ways you can do this and you need to be a bit of a McGuiver and carry some sealers.

1. Clear Ding Tape - clear adhesive tape specifically for board dings. Available from most surf shops.

These tapes are designed to seal up small cracks only. PRO's: easy and not messy to use. CONS: surface needs to be very clean to stick and it is not suitable for large dings.

2. Epoxy Marine Putty - a malleable epoxy putty available from most hardware, auto or marine stores.

PRO's: sticks like 'you know what' and can be forced into cavities. Great for larger dings, Goes hard in 15-20 mins and you are back out on the water.

CONS: Mess, mess, mess! It also does not look good as it is grey in colour, BUT it does the job admirably! Recommended!

2. SOLACURE Epoxy - epoxy resin that sets under sunlight. Available from most surf shops.
Solacure works, but it is messy as it is in liquid form and it can be hard to contain it around the ding before it sets.

A combination of Ding Tape for smaller dings and Marine Putty for larger dings will see you back out on the water in most situations

Repairs Article- courtesy of Andrew Allen, Paddle Surfing Australia

Caring for your Board - Care and Repair