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Goby 10’6” Board

The Goby is the GO if you are looking for a board that shines in the waves and is a good cruiser too. The Goby is stable, steers well and cruises along at a good pace. At just 10’6” in length means that  the Goby is super easy to turn and perfect in the medium and full waves and  the generous slightly upturned nose means you’ll be catching waves with ease!  


The Magoo ‘Dory’ is our most popular all-rounder - excellent for cruising and also performs superbly in small and full waves. Designed with both speed and stability in mind, this baby just glides through the water and can handle body weight up to 110kg. And if you’re in the mood for company, there’s room for a small human or canine passenger!  As with all our epoxy boards the generous nose allows for early wave entry and perhaps some hang-five or ten manoeuvres if  your’re feeling energetic. Super stable and ready for hours of non-stop fun.


The Magoo Mackerel brags all the features and capabilities of the Dory but with a larger volume  and  more floatation, it’s a better choice for  bigger guys and gals.
At 32” wide it’s superbly stable and it’s mightly 12’ of sleek length promote optimum glide.



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